Thursday, August 31, 2006

London - Hamstead on the top of London

Clambered onto the roof of Christain's (aka Justino/Sir!) house. What an amazing view off London. His house is very tasteful done as well, what we would expect of someone with such taste. References to Japan/Tokyo there for the knowing eye to register.

Lazy day today.

Walked around the area. Walked down to Camden Market. Quickly looked around then strolled back home.

Living in Tokyo, is like living in a bubble. Special if you do not understand the language. You can switch off so easily from immediate surroundings and be last in thought. No distraction from over head conversations. So you experience audio and visual over load being back in a English speaking country. Unbalances yourself, not used to be able to process what people are saying without having to tune in. Scrap book of conversations you hear as you walk down the road, still in you bubble but the skin no longer blocks the out the outside. The bubble acts as a receiver, amplifying everything around. Like the feeling we all have felt, that one going from a cool dark empty room, peaceful , no distractions and then into a busy street during the day , everything fades to white at first then the heat hits you and then confusion and distraction off it all. Trying to find your barings, your place, where are the steps.

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Aki said...

Hiya Saaaimoon!

I'm going to Milan on Sep(13 till 23)
If u r around there,lemmi know!!

have a FUN!!