Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Paris - Rainy day

In a hurry need to check out, dump my bags at Station Nord and then meet up with Regis, old friend from Tokyo. Then catch the Eurostart back to Blighty.

Yeserday was a wash out, heavy rain when I left the hotel, so grab a paper, and had some lunch. Rain had turned into drizzle by then so headed towards the the Eiifel tower. ON the way I sow a guy kite boarding in a park right next to a busy road. I wonder if he thought what would happen if a gust of wind had picked him up and dumped him on the road.

After standing under the Eiffel tower, walked back to the hotel. Around the Eiffel tower are all these soldiers with big guns.

Another good dinner. Bottle of wine was off. At forst I thought it was me, and it should taste that way but now it was off.

Nothing of interest, as it was a perssonel experience just walking around taking it all in. Cities are great for doing nothing in, and just for taking a random walk.

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