Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sevilla - Las Casas de la Juderia

The above window ( 50x10) is the sole view I have from my room. What a shame not being able to gaze on such a beautiful city. The hotel is a complex of all old buildings joined by under ground tunnels, like catcombs. The place is a maze with on clear signs. This morning everyone was lost trying to find where breakfast was being served. If city is the same every corner there is someone with a map determind not to give up. No wonder petty crime is wide spread. Last night could not find that dynamic night life. Everyone else had good to bed and all that was left was the trust-afarains trying to name drop as many countries in 60 second. I left before the beast of the angry Scotsman woke up. Cartoon series soon to be brought out by DC. Basicaly the character goes around telling people how much a prick they are. Any way took a good part of an hour to find my cell. Jesus the reception area has 5 green doors none with a sign indicating which one leads to the mythical land of roomstan. Any way the night watchman got a good fright as I burst his door down, and then slammed it shut again swearing some ancient hebrew curse on the hotel management. Tonight the city can sleep in peace, I rest the blisters on my feet and retire early. Plan to do the historic sites and beat the Germans to the pool. They started it! That reminds me of a tv program concept I must tell you about when I have more than 12 keys to type with.

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