Friday, September 29, 2006

Alva - Bad ankle day

Just as I was getting into some routine with the running my ankle starts to give me issues. So did not run today. Kind of feel tense due to not runing.
Head feels dazed and confused. Special at night I feel more emtional.
Might go up to Inverness thsi weekend. The quikest expanding town/city in Europe. Up there with Cork.
Since being back I have noticed that there is more money. Either you drive a small new car or a large new car. Gone are the days of the family saloon. As every where SUV are mainly driven by women. They think they are safer but actualy they are not. High sided vehicles can fall over easier.
My the Canoon scanner arrived to day, 9950F. So I can start scanning all the tickets and odds and ends from my spanish trip and creat a collage of it all. The OCR function of the scanner is really useful. Special for turning news paper articles from paper to a text document.
Dad is a lot better today. He stopped using the britebox that I bought. The britebox was menat to help in the winetr months with SAD. This was due to epilepsy, People whoo have had epilepsy should not use the box. So he stoppd using. Dad seems used to me being around now. So does not get so streessed about the way I can affect his routine.
To be bi-polar seems to be the in thing. Suddenly anyone who is anyone in the entertainment industry has it. Its the mark of being artistic.
Elena sent me a message to me today, " I should learn to speak". That was it. Tell me something new.

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