Monday, September 25, 2006

Alva - Enough of the procrastination

Since reaching London I have be in recovery mode. I had so many interesting things to write to you about, you being the collective you. Who ever you are its you that I Am talking to at this moment. Instead of writing I procrastinated to myself and others that I would get on line and start bloging again.
Do not think that I have been doing nothing. I would be a very good at being filthy rich. I never get bored by anything, can always find something to think about doing.
It has been great being back with my parents. Hanging out together. Mum and Dad have been going through a bad patch health wise. Well dad has been in a bad patch for around 15 years. It all started with ME when he was working. Woke up one day and could not get out of bed for 6 months. Took that long to get better. Never fully recovered and so took early retirement. Then 4 years ago had a stroke/fit due to osteoporosis. Which knocked dad side ways for a while. He is better now but tiredness comes in waves. Tonight near the end of dinner I turned to talk to him. He was sitting there head bowed, deflated. Voice small, child like, confused. Makes me tearful think about it now. Dad's Memory is slightly muddled but his brain is still working. Doing the crossword in the morning paper. As you can imagine this has affected my mum. She suffers from irritable bowel syndrome. This means the bowel does not function as it should. The week before mum wassuffering from gastroenteritis. She could not keep food down for two days. Her body was rejecting food. Mum has not much fat on her, every day she can not eat takes a lot out of her. Maybe I Am painting a bad imagine in your head about their life. They enjoy life, take pleasure in each other and life around them. I Am glad to have theopportunity to share our time together. Also should I be writing about such deeply personnel matters.

So here I Am back on the blog. Getting back to you, it is kind of strange writing a blog, when you have no particular audience or agenda. It is like a combination of whistling in the wind and screaming in space. Why are you doing it and no one can hear you. One day the wind might stop and back to earth I come.
I have been composing today's posting on On Line word processor. Great tool but the spell checker is not that hot. Red line under blog telling me it is a spelling mistake. I need a good spell checker, trust me.
So for today I sign off. Monday is my first yoga day.

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