Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Alva - Total exposure and the joys of indoor skiing

Starting to formulate plans of working in HK. Still in a state of limbo what I want to do. My desire is enjoy my work time, and be happy with what I produce. Not wanting to be a member of the prolateriate. I also want to do something quite different from what I was doing in Japan. Freedom to express myself and be creative. Always felt that If I was truly to succeed I need to do something artistic. Programming is a creative process but confined. Confined to what the OS and language of what the machine understands. Anyway I would love to write, produce something, make a LP, shoot a feature, take a snap. Just mix it all up with the technology. So I have these thoughts in my head but no real way to turn then into a career a wau forward. Then last week I was running along the road think about HK, how the people there seem so busy but enjoy life. Active. Then I got to thinking what if I helped out these people. Working with them, ghosting. Then see what I liked and then pick that as a career option. So I fired off a eMail to TH in HK asking him what he thought of the idea. The idea being that I will work , help out EH and GP. I would work for free while I found my niche. As always TH is so suportive, and puts me in connact with GP. So I need to clarify my thoughts and put it in a eMail to GP.
Fitness assessment today. Basically what happened they measured me and asked me what I wanted to achieve. Then they worked out what fitness regime I should do. Next I was shown how to use the machines. They are the same machines I used in Japan. In Japan the staff were to scared to tell me how to use them. So I have a greater understanding on how to get the most from my work out. Which I want to do, and improve my energy levels. My favorite machine is the Scandic skiing machine. Nothing better than putting on some great mix and jump on the Scandic skiing machine. The feeling can be quite euphoric when you feel the blood flowing through your body. So for 2 days a week I will head up to Stirling uni and do my work out. The picture was taken today around the campus. Can you imagine coming from a city or arid Spain, find yourself learning in such an environment. You head would be a buzz with ideas and dreams. Then the Scottish winter would take affect.....
Wasted time in front off the TV tonight. I like the concept of E4+1 , which is the same as E4 but an hour later. Solves the problem off always turning on the telly at the end of something that looked good.

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