Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Alva - Yoga

Today I felt so hyper at the end of the day. Could this be related to Yoga treatment, or the pain killers I took for the laser treatment.
I leave the laser treatment to your very own imagination.
Yoga was good. All that stretching, and feeling the blood move around. Very practical instructor, no introduction just straight into it. Would have been nice to know her back ground, and how she got into it. I guess but by bit we will find out. Special when we go on that bender ( drinking session) on our last lesson.
Then at the end of the night, time to go to bed, I started to feel apprehensive about the things to be done tomorrow. Small things that need to be done. This is why I always like to keep my plate clear. Do not like things hanging around in the back of my mind. It is these little things that clog up your clarity of thought. A little task becomes something unmanageable in my head. Like carrying a balloon full of water on a severing spoon.
Tomorrow I will have my health check up at the local gym, at Stirling university. Where they will create a fitness program for me. So once I return to that big bad world I should be big and strong.
I need to create a rythm in my life. Its the only way to move forward.The rythm builds up momentum, and pushes you through.

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