Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Alva - DIY and Ozone layer

As I sand and varnish the 130 year pew that mum and dad had bought for 10 pounds sterling I start to think about the ozone. How DIY is damaging the ozone layer, making the whole bigger. Paint and related chemicals are now rated. Informing us how damaging the product is to the ozone hole. So should we never paint or varnish ever again and let things rot? Then if they rot we need buy new. Then the transport used to get the new bench, door, window will cause a whole in the ozone. Seems we are in a no win situation. Things are getting so close to the edge that we now have to start considering doing only essential repairs. How things have changed in the last 10 years. It is like I have been on a different planet not 6000 miles away. As flying and the ozone affect of paint does not seem to be considered in Japan. I can see a day coming soon where just like now people are encouraged only to make essential journeys the same will apply for DIY. Any way I do I little bit by using the bus as much as possible.
Yoga today. Bowels let me down, farted during a quite period. These things are expected when you are bent double.

They are going to replace the my old school, Alva Academy. All the financing was planned. Then the rolling party changed for the area. Labour got in. Scrapped the trust funding for the school, changed the funding to PFI. I think its called PFI. This funding is more expensive to administrate. So less money to spend on the school. So class rooms are smaller and no swimming pool. So they will move from a school with a pool to one with out. Surely someone could make a legal challenge to such a change. The reason for the funding change was it was Labour party policy. Class rooms are smaller because of Labour party policy. Makes you sick.

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