Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Alva - Stories of Portugal

Great to see the return of my pictures.
The last two weeks I was away in Portugal. Down the Algarve with Ma and Pa. The weather could have been better. Rained every day but at least the sun comes out to play at least at the end of the rain.
Flew into Faro and the drove to a place near Lux, west of Faro, down the A22.
Parents relaxed, I relaxed. Taking day trips, by car, around the area.
I was away from the internet for 2 weeks. Loathed to us my vodafone, since the last bill was 700 pounds. Still to write that letter. Rip of Britain. Anyway that is in the past.
Feel quite fustrated with life. Things seem to pile up, nothing seems to get done. I get up early in the morning to get things done, and something else stops the closer of tasks. Makes my head hurt and brings back the anger.
Back to the yoga, hopefully will sort it all out.
So I need to write that piece for Escape Magazine on City Break, nature escape. Also sort out my visa so I can get the NI back.
Plan to return to Tokyo at the end of November, for 3 weeks. So I can keep my stuff in storage. 6 months past, and no further forward with finding myself. To much thinking. Despite this I still feel positive about the future.

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