Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Alva - The night before Tokyo

Packed my bags, ready to go. Strange though as usualy it takes me all night to pack my stuff. Must be getting good at it. Anyway packed 21 pairs of underpants, fed up buy new underwear.

Tommorow catch the bus at the bottom of the road around 2:00pm, then catch a train around 2:30pm from Stirling to Ediburgh. Then I catch another bus that goes to the airport. Then a plane to France, Paris 18:15. Then Paris 11:30 to Tokyo. Plane gets into Tokyo around 7pm. Then I will get the orange bus to Tokyo. Then I will have a cooling glass of Asahi. Ah back in Tokyo.

As requested a picture of my parents home.

The other week I was in Gothenburg. Visiting my Swedish and Brazilian friends Martin and Fabi. Thank you guys for a great time. Relay enjoyed myself.

Go and check out Sweden, it has a pace off its own. Laid backed people. Chill! Blonde, as expected, but not as tall as Denmark.

When I come back I will need to get my shit toegther. Maybe Viral advertising is the way forward. Let the target do the work.

When in Tokyo I will try and update this blog more offten. I seem to spend my time planning rather than doing, more than just being lazy.

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