Friday, November 03, 2006

Alva - Scottish National Party campaign Start for MSP

Checking out flights for Tokyo this week. I want to fly back on the 20th of December, for some reason the BA charge 1880 punds for fling back on that date, al other dates are normal price. I wonder why that date. Anyway soon it will be too expesive to fly.

Tonight was the campaign start for Scottish parliment, election day May 2007. Same old faces around, must have been 20 odd years since I last sow them. How distant I felt from it all. Comparing life here and life in Tokyo. The time has come for Scotland to take back its nation hood. My parents have dedicated most of their life to the SNP. It will be good that they see the change in teir life time.

I need to get under that sun lamp. I can feel the lack of sunshine affecting me.
The weather was amazing yesterday. Went for a walk. Some great photographs. Pitty I only had my camera phone with me. Enjoy.

Saki is up from London on Saturday. Oddbins is have a wine tasting Murrayfield. So I will be away in Edinburg for the weekend.

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