Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Alva - The day after boxing day.

Christmas was spent at Tom and Shenea at Ecclesmachan. Near Edinburgh, also near a place with wonderful imaginative name of threemiletwon. All one word, must be populated by Germans.
It was good to relax after finishing the articles on Edinburgh walks. I took a rest from it 1am on Christmas, and the woke up 5am to finish it for 7am. Sending it off. Then caught 2 hours sleep before getting up. Why do I always end up work late when I have things to do the next day. Time management issue maybe. Will start researching the article on Roppongi, Tokyo. How they developers are moving in and gentrifying the area.
It was good to talk with close relatives, the Kindlen clan do so few clan gathers. Well none, keeping ourselves to ourselves, end result is who Am I.
The Champagne went down a treat, even my mum drinking a "wee" bit of Champers and red wine.
All five of us had fun, pulling crackers, chatting, wearing silly hats. Same picture repeated up and down the land.
Around 11pm I started to feel tired, having worked late. So I tired and left them to it. Should that not be the other way round.
What presents did I get. Three boxes of chocolates. Did I not say that I was on a diet?
Tom and Shena interesting people involved with pharamkology and biology. Talking about dieases and health and such things. Not exactly the topic for a season of joy.
Still running in the morning. Strange there is no pain. I must have been so unfit when I returned from Tokyo. Need to check out when Yoga starts again.
Thanks you for the hello. My mum and dad say hello back.

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