Sunday, December 24, 2006

Alva - The Day before Christmas

I Am running again. First day was yesterday. No pain. Bounced out the door and up the road. It is dark in the morning, and cold. Good to be running again. The air is so fresh here. Running along the back road towards Menstrie, passing the highland cows. Such a good way to start the day. Well I wanted to start running on Thursday the day I got back but my training shoes could not be found. Not a good way to start the day. So I went for a walk instead up to the woodland park. I took the, Leica 2dlux to along with me to capture the winter morning. I wish I had the Canon SLR with me, I so loved the photographs I could take with that camera and the 50mm lens. Shame it has been lost.
Posted photographs of Edinburgh on , under SiPeKi. Check them out. The photographs are to go along with the piece for Escape Magazine. I Am re-writ ting that piece to focus more on the walks. It was to general for there needs.
Need to get back to work and finish this travel article.

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