Sunday, January 14, 2007

Brazil - First day

Now why do certain events happen that make other events even worse.
Juliya temperature had been rising and falling through the day. Daniel had take her to the hospital in the morning but they said they could not do anything for her. So Daniel was tired, special after waiting for me. So had not slept for 24 hours.
So I went to lunch with Alla and Juliya, while he slept.
After lunch we went to the pool, Juliya could stay in the shade.
Daneil came down and did some capoeira, and then we went for a walk, and some beers.
We walked across a driver that divided the beach. When we went across it was quite deep. So when the we were coming back we did not want to cross the river again to get back to the resort. So we thought we could walk up the road and get back. How wrong we were. The road eventually led to the river again. No chance of us getting across. So we made our way back to the beach. We crossed this time further up, thinking it would be shallow. We ended up wading up the river again, think we were on the beach and the tide had come in. We were getting no where. We were watched by a family sitting outside there house taking in the air. We waded across to them. What must they be think, to guys in the dark of night walking out of the river to them. “What the hell are you doing walking about the river” His first words to us. We were told that the water we are in were in was a river not the beach and we would need to walk back down the road outside his house to get to the beach where we could cross the river. He allowed us to pass through his garden. Great we are walking about outside gated communities in Brazil trying to find our way home. We found a gap in a fence and squeezed through, which lead to the river. There was a road that could take us back to the road that would lead to the beach. The only problem we would need to get over a high wall. We could be shot at any moment. What must we look like scouting out a wall. So we scaled the wall, more clambered than climb. Third time lucky we were, re-traced our steps back to the beach. The water looked so deep, the stars were reflected in the black ink of the water. Daniel jumped in, waded across. Not so deep. We must have crossed at the deepest point earlier. No wonder people were looking at us, while we waded up to our necks across the river. Fools. Still things did not seem right. Where was the beach, all that sea weed, where was it now. So we had to walk down further, we found our sea weed and could follow the sea weed trail home. Now the beach that the Bahia resort is built on is unique. Unique in that turtles come only to this beach to lay there eggs. If a light is on they will follow the light. So our beach is pitch black for one light se we follow the light in. Then at last we can see the hut where we had our first cerveja. At last we have made it home. My first day in Brazil and I get lost, but survived.
All through our escaped we were worried about Alla, specially Juliya. Alla was very upset.They went off with Juliya to the hospital, her temperature was 40. Why do such events happen, that make other events even bigger?

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