Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Brazil - Salvador Bahia - "the system

So we have decided that we will fly to Natal on the 18th. We went to the airport to do the booking as we could not complete it last night because of “the system”. Yes the system is often used when things do not go well, or something does not go to plan. Everyone is a victim to the system in Brazil no one is to balme. Its not that persons fault its the system, so its nothing they can do and they are sorry but do not blame me as its the system. So Daniel's sister, Danella came to pick us up. So we drove around town to the airport, first. Giving me opportunity to take some street photo's , from the car. When I think of Brazil I think of poverty, and street crime. Brazil does have a European feel about it, rather than a American feel. Salvador was the first city of Brazil, Portugese first set up shop here. To think when I stood on the cliffs of the fort at Sagres, in the Algarve, imagining sailors setting forth for the new world it is here that they first came. It is good to make that connection with the past, and what you have done. A sailing boat trip to do the same trip carried out 500 years ago would be fun, and insight into the past. So as we zipped along the road I could take a look at the people. So as I looked out the window of the car what I sow was low rise buildings, more family run business rather than “high street names”, pavements worn down, buildings have finished, grey dirty walls, next to gleaming painted buildings, people walking along dusty streets, people waiting in the middle of the road for the buses. Buses do not stop here they just slow down enough for people to jump on. Could the drives not want to stop encase the bus stalls and can not start again? We made it to the airport , and booked our flights. Luckly no problems with “the system”. Next stop was the travel agent, to book our hotel for Natal, and extend our stay for one night at our present hotel Bahia Plaza Resort. Even if “the system” does not rear its ugly head getting things done seem to take long time, protracted affairs. Things just moving along at a different pace, the rhythm is so light. What seemed a age eventually everything was sorted out. It was 4:30, the sun would set soon. Made it to the beach before the sun set. I wallowed about in the Atlantic, ridding myself of the dust and sweat of the day.

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