Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Alva - Back in Alva

Can you spot me?
After wondering the streets of London, and Cambridge back in Alva now for a week.
Thanks Saki for letting me stay at your cave in Stratford.
AF lost my bags so I had to go shopping for clothes to keep me warm. As I arrived only with what I was wearing from Brazil.
Went to Booby, movie and the other Kennedy assassination. 4 star move. Did not know the hairdresser was Sharon Stone until half way through the movie.

On Monday night met up with Kurt, and Saki joined us. Got pissed. Caught up with the gossip. Hang in there Kurt. They are the fools. David Frost walked past me, on his way to his Roller.

Tuesday met up with Adam and got pissed. Adam now has a kid of 4 months. One by one we spread I genes. Met up at Clapman junction. A few drinks and the Rose and Crown. After a few more drinks in some other bar went to Soho. The place seemed closed down. Ended up at some Portuguese wedding party. Then onto some other bar, full of the upper crust. We lost each other. I ended up wondering Leicester square looking for something to eat.
Then on Thursday went up to Chaudary HQ to meet Mr and Mrs Chaudary. Such a great family.

Then on Friday went to Stanstead airport to meet Johno of the plane, he flew in from Belfast. Then we drove up to Cambridge. Went for some bad noodles. Then after that went out on the town. Ended up in the Fez, a place of late night dancing. Danced like mad men. We got thrown out, due to me taking photographs. Well that is what we think happened as we could not fully understand what the man in black was saying. Next day was Johno was dead, poor soul. I felt great for some reason, slightly tired. Johno drove back to London. Stayed in and watched a movie. Last day in London went for some food. Walked around the west end, felt bored. Went back to Saki flat. He was still in Kent.
Next day flew back to Scotland, back to Alva.
No more traveling. Need to find work. No more inner thoughts, just a diary from now on. Oh yes my travel article was published in Escape. See if I can publish that on here.