Sunday, April 29, 2007

Alva - Ian Rankin

Sorry I need to get this of my chest, its good therapy. If I see one more picture of Ian Rank-in I will scream. He seems to think himself some kind of Poet Laureate, when all he is is a author of a successful series of TV type deceptive novels, not the next Walter Scot, or Lewis Grassic Gibbon, Iain Banks. He is just a writer of pulp fiction. Easy to read when on holiday. It is a comfort to read such books when your away. I made a mistake of thinking that Iain Banks and Ian Rankin were the same author. What I could not understand why a sophisticated as Iain could manage to write such a shallow book. I thought it was a exercise in expunging the mind of crassness. Its like the emperors new clothes, can no one expect the Kindlen's see that this author is a fake and writes pulp fiction.

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