Monday, April 02, 2007

Alva- Still in Alva

A whole month has past and no blog from me. Not that I Am bored, just do not want to send you to sleep.
I have made some changes to my life style. The biggest change for me is getting up at 6:30 in the morning. All my life it has always been a issue for me getting up in the morning. Always one more 5 minutes in bed that add up to 30 minutes or longer. So when the alarm goes off I get up. So at the other end of the day I have change my ways, no more late night telly, I go to bed around 10pm these days. So I get my full 8 hours. You know what these changes have made such a difference to my day. I feel sharp these days. Along with the running and going to the gym, I Am starting to feel health. My head still feels washed out, and angry but that is just part of the process of life style change have cut out red meat, and mainly eat vegetables and sea food. Reduced my carbs as well, no more pasta, rice, bread, or potatoes. I only eat carbs if its in the food I eat like dried fruits So my weight is down from 85 to 80kgs. Which is a start, I want to get it to 75. Mind you I should find out what is my ideal weight.
I do not drink by avoiding alcohol. I Am working on social drinking but it is tough. Wine tasting tonight in Stirling, held by Oddbins.
Putting together my resume. Slowly, not so surely. I have been researching resume writing. What I need to do is brand myself. What are my merits? answers on a postcard to me, please.
Need to find a job here, the plan is to get a job here. Hopefully a job that will mean that I travel or even better be stationed some place abroad, not Europe. Then I could by a place here, so I have a base here. Then take it from there.

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