Sunday, May 20, 2007

Glasgow - Wagamama's

Japanese pickles served by Wagamama's Glasgow
Went through to Glasgow for a introduction meeting with recruiters Hays. Afterwards I went for ramen at Wagamama's. Noticed the place as I walked to Hays. So was looking forward to a bowl of hot Ramen, with pork broth. Well just like none Japanese food in Japan the same can be said about the Ramen in Wagamama's. Nothing like the real thing, basics were wrong. Most of the Ramen had vegetable stock instead of pork or chicken. Down the list they had one with chicken, no plane ramen to choose from. I ordered the pickles, and gyoza and Asahi Super Dry. Now I know that only the true taste of super dry can only happen in Japan. Just losses that creamy soft texture when drank aboard. Then the pickles were brought to my table, oh timid looking pickles they were. How long had they been waiting to be served. Then the ramen arrived. The noodles where too think, the broth was hot even though it did not say on the menu that the the broth would be hot. The broth was okay but not what i was expecting. I was wanting to taste the buttery taste of Japanese dashi that you get with ramen in Tokyo. I love the dashi in kyushu, cloudy white dashi made from pork. The biggest disappointment was the noodles. Too thin and over cooked. Almost to a point that the noodle was a mush. Then the gyoza arrived with the fried side up. Attention to detail is important when it comes to Japanese food. So I ordered green tea to break down the fatty foods. Lack luster tea arrived, just passing the mark of warmed water. At the bottom tea leaves, like they used to leave egg shells in powdered egg, to make you think it was the real thing. I supped up, and caught the train back to Stirling.