Monday, August 20, 2007

Edinburgh - Mortonhall Campsite

Have booked a number of movies to see over the next week at the Edinburgh Festival. First ones last night, Phatom Love. Filmed in black and white with no straight nartive to describe the movie. Filmed in black and white, nad released this year. There is no dialogue for the most of the film, only in the second half do we get some snatches of conversation, which we over hear of the main character talking to her mother or the camera postioned across the street as she speaks to police. We are never fed any direct facts, but we have to gleen what we can from what we see and hear. Still undecided what the whole 90 minutes was about.

Alva to Edinburgh is about an hours drive or can take from 2 hours to 4 hours by public transport. So I have decided to borrow my parents carvan and set up shop at Mortonhall campsite. So here I Am blogging to the people of the world from my table top on my laptop.
Gary dropped by last week. We went camping to a loch, not lake, Loch vaa. Camping by a peaceful loch, and climbing mountains. Great to treat friends to your country of birth, but now I feel part of the bigger picture.
Looking for a job, but want to stay connected to what lays outside the walls of work.