Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Alva - Still here, but world wide

The Shore Leith.jpg

Still Alive, still in Alva. What has happened since I last raised my two fingers to keyboard. Welcome Malcolm is getting married in Australia, Sydney. Mum and Dad flew off today to be at the wedding. Very exciting time for them both, and me. Why did I not go. Well I felt as I was looking for employment it would mean another break in the search, and before I know it 2 years would be up, and my bank balance would be zero. So I made the difficult decision to stay at home, and carry on my search. That search finding no stones to up turn and look under. Resumes sent off might as well have been flushed down the toilet. Leads that did not lead to anywhere. I felt like I was the wrong man, sorry person, in the wrong place. I was also feeling paralyzed by it all. I knew I had to do something but how to do it. Anyway I kept my spirits up. Keeping going to the gym, and doing my Yoga. Taking my photographs. Still no drinking. Pure Scottish air. Angelika and Mateen visited. The weather was superb for there visit, as you can see from the photo at the top.
The Kiss

See flickr for photo graphs. Then the call came for Singapore. Greg, one of the outpost members of the Chateau called. We talked over the ideas he had for doing an Internet start up. The ideas he had and philosophy we very similar. We were both bursting with energy at the end of the call. After the call I thought to myself, why do I not ask him if we can be partners together. The next day he called back, and he "asked" to work to together. I said yes yes yes yes. In the tradition on such matters I can not tell you what we are doing until it has done. Gives it some importance.
Hopefully by January phase One will be completed, the seed will be planted. This seed will generate cash flow for our plans together.
So now I have something to tell people. I Am now doing something.

The last time the Kindlen's were together was about 20 years ago. So I plan to go to OZ the first week of Jan 2008. So I need to work hard from now until then.
sunrise over mortonhall campsite
Tucker nearly made to Edinburgh. He was in London taking part in a Seminar on Photocopy and the Ozone. Just as he was about to catch the plane to come up to "Edinboro" he got called away to polish some shoe leather. Ah, better luck the next time.