Saturday, February 23, 2008

A wise American

No not Tucker.

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Benjamin Franklin
Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

Friday, February 08, 2008

Camera Insurance -

Camera Insurance -

Sent the following letter to the Guardian Newspaper. No reply.

Dear Levene,

There is not much choice in the market place for insuring camera's. Special if you do not own a home, or have any other contents to insure, so not having content insurance of any description.

So after doing a search I could only find the following insure my Nikon camera and Leica compact. Covered for theft and damage.

I Am currently on holiday in Sydney Australia, lucky me escaping a Scottish winter. Well not all that lucky, as the Leica stopped working.

So I requested a claim form. In reply to the claim form I was informed that the excess would be 15% or a minimum of 300 pounds as the damage occurred while abroad.
Also I will have to get two quotes for the repair.

This was news to me. As I could not remember reading such figures. I looked through the web site and could only find this mentioned when paying for the policy, under premium rates.

On the page for the actual policy there is no mention of these outrageous excesses. This is a pure a simple rip off.

The camera itself new is 400 pounds. So repairing it will not cost over 300 pounds. So after paying 100 pounds for the insurance I feel swindled out of my money, and not covered for any theft or damage in the future.

The email from the company has been pasted at the end of this email.

I write to you to warn your other readers about this company, and ask you what can be done? Is this policy missing selling? Can I report them, get my money back? Is there are more reputable company out there that I can get my camera gear insured with?


Simon Kindlen


Dear Mr Kindlen

With reference to your voicemail received today 25/1/08. Have noted the information supplied regarding damage to your Nikon camera.

I can advise that you are covered for accidental damage to your camera. We will require a claim form to be completed and returned with two estimates for repair. Please find a claim form attached.

Please be advised that the excess on your policy is 7.5% with a minimum of £150 (excess is doubled for overseas claims).

If you have any further enquiries please call on 08449 809 640 or e-mail

Yours sincerely

Sheila M Tubbs

Senior Notification Advisor

E&L Insurance - Claims