Monday, March 24, 2008

Alva - Time to start packing my bags

Hi world. As my time back in Scotland comes to a close my new horizons open up in front of me. The plan is to depart Scotland the first week of June, and head over to Singapore. To continue the venture with Greg. Its different from the last time I left this house at the age of 17, 21 years ago, this time it feels final. Final about what I do not know. I see Alva, mum and dad, life , and of course myself in a different light. Uncertain and flickering light. I hope the winds of change does not blow that light out for me. I feel very privilege to have been able to spend time with my parents, and also have the opportunity with Greg to do something different. Maybe I have been hiding away from it all, it is time to stand in the sun again. I will miss the view shown in the video accompanying this blog.