Saturday, August 09, 2008

After a hundred

Jono and Graeme sitting outside in the grass marker after a night out.
Watched the the opening of the Olympics. What an event in itself. Anyway after the first hundred I went to bed, as it was after 10pm. As I get up early these days even at the weekend. So I can do my weekend cycle before it gets too hot. This week it has been really hot, up around and above 32. Did the cycle run, without Greg knocking anyone down this time.
Booked my flights for Japan, on the 2nd to the 16th. Flying Norwegians With an Attitude, NWA. Direct and a good price, 830SGD, through So far they have come up with a good price. Found them through Their "squirrels, do not seem to be doing a great job, as I found out about the NWA through another travel agent Which was a good price but not as good as the price on Changing from the 1st of October to 2nd of October the price was halfed. Which was not picking up on but on it was.
Looking forward to see the folks back in Tokyo, and the food. Yes the food. No Asahi dry this time, or atskan.

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