Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Childhood memories - stills captured in the mind

Red hot fans at the red hot chilli peppers concert Scotland Glasgow Hampden August 2007

The memories that I can remember are the ones I knew at the time I would remember. Yes of course I could not think otherwise. When events in my childhood that I do not remember, I could not possibly remember thinking I will not remember this, otherwise I would have remembered them.
Sitting in a turquoise Mark I Ford Escort, the shape of the air vents fascinated me.
Hiding in a garage, full of bamboo sticks.
Driven to nursery school in a VW camper van, orange and white. Misty foggy day. The school was old converted stable yard. Remember playing in the back of the school, around a tree that had no grass, next to a forest.
Yesterday when I started thinking about what I could remember more, not today. Memories today seem far and distant and hazy, lost in the fog.
Getting lost when I went outside to play at gran’s house, thinking I was home and walk into a complete strangers house. The smell of soup, and seer-sucker table cloth, tree with miniature oranges at Gran’s house.
Waiting outside for a bus in the countryside after visiting Grandad in hospital.
Mum is very surprised how little I do remember.

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