Sunday, August 17, 2008

Culture at the Esplanade Singapore - Piano recital Georgi Mundrov "Dancing Keys"

View of the business district from the Esplanade Singapore's cultural cantre and concert hall

Escape to culture last night. Went to Esplanade for a Piano recital, Georgi Mundrov. Amazing how he became the music while playing. I could not get a seat at the side , so sat behind him so I could watch his hands. Could not see Georgi's face, so could focus on the music and the dexterity at the piano. Quite amazing to watch the translation of the dancing fingers on the keys into a amazing sound scape.

So many young children taken along, most young girls. Parents wishing the magic to rub of onto their children

It was in the recital room, not the main convert hall, so the sound was not as good as I was expecting. I was preparing myself to be awed by the sound on the Steinway.

Well that was my escape for the week from my routine.

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