Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Red sky at night

Loch Vaa Scotland sunset  red sky at night

Camping last year with Stephen and Gary on Loch Vaa. As while we were preparing dinner we were treated to this amazing sunset. What a great way to end the day and enter the night. Red sky at night what a delight.

Outside apartments in Singapore I noticed these special bins for burning paper. They are usually the size of rubbish bin, with holes on the side for ventilation. So the paper would burn quicker. At first I assumed it was burning old newspaper. It turns out the Chinese use them to burn offerings to the spirit world. Paper money and other representation of the material world. So is the smog that plagues Hong Kong due to all this burning of paper, not factories. Also with China close to 2 billion and richer the situation is going to get worst. As they seem to do it every two weeks. Good business to get into, printing paper money to be burnt.

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