Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sinapore wins gold after 48 years.

Bright tree east coast Singapore
At long last Singapore has won a gold medal, after 48 years of trying it paid off. Singapore has only been independent since 1943, so this is first gold medal as a Republic. Seemingly the winner of a gold medal, receives a wind fall of a million Singapore dollars. That is what Singapore's table tennis super stars have brought home for Singapore, gold medals. Everyone is jumping with joy. People in the malls all over town stopped shopping, yes people actual stopped shopping in Singapore, and watched the paddlers battle it out on the big screens. Great, good for national pride. Then you find out that two of the three became Singapore nationals last year and the top star this year. So is this really a win for Singapore? You would think the rules would be that you would have to be born in the country to represent the country. So does this mean a country can just go shopping and buy half a dozen top of their game athletes for the next Olympics, and bring back gold?

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