Saturday, January 30, 2010

Euro Systems, Glasgow - Bad service

Euro System how they treat a charity

Last December I started working for a charity, web development and IT Support.

The website was hosted by a euro systems Govan, Glasgow.

There was problems with euro systems servers and email. AOL was rejecting our email due to their DNS settings.

So we held a meeting with euro systems.

The meeting was agreeable. They promised to sort the problems out and invoice us for to continue to host our site.

After the meeting it was impossible to get a reply to our email or return our calls.

Last Friday, 22-1-2010, I spoke to a sales person. I was told the owner was in hospital and would be back to work on Tuesday.

No phone call from the owner.

I phoned on Tuesday. Spoke to the receptionist, and asked her to get him to call me back.

Through the week I called again no luck.

On Friday we could not access our email.

Phoned Euro Systems. Sales person answered the call.

Told me that they would no longer be hosting our site. As they decided not to continue to be a re-seller. So they did not pay the bill with who they were a reseller for.

No warning. They just cut of us like that. Did not inform us , so we could have taken action and moved our site to another hosting company.

These people are just incompetent.

Make your own decisions about wether to use the services of Euro Systems.