Monday, September 06, 2010

Website Hosting Canada

Carried out research into hosting a website in Canada.

The site is for a website for a Chalet located in BC, Canada.

So a IP address based in Canada was required with a plus point being servers based in BC. This I feel will help with search engine results.

Looked at companies to host the site in Canada.

There was 4 suitable companies.

Dayana Host

Price per month: $3.99 (Three year contract)
Disk: 10GB
Transfer: 100GB*

Hosted in BC, Canada

Canadian web hosting

Price per month: $3.95
Disk: 500MB
Transfer: 10GB*

1st Choice International

Price: $5
Disk: 1GB
Transfer 10GB*

Black Sun

Price $9.99
Disk: 2GB
Transfer: 5GB*

*Monthly transfer or Bandwidth is volume of your site's traffic.

The recommendation is Dayana Host. Due to the professional website. Speed of their own site, price and band width, and disk size. Also the IP address will be in Canada, BC. Seemed to be the most professional.