Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Council stands by decision on pool | ClacksWeb

Our beloved Council has issued the following statement:

Council stands by decision on pool | ClacksWeb

Save Alva Pool Group produced a business plan that slashed running cost, detailed revenue streams that would make the pool aprofit centre for the council. Businesses have been found that are wanting to use the pool. This plan was presented to the council on the 17th and again on the 2nd of June. The group discussed the plan with Sam Ovens when he attended a Save Alva group meeting. A plan that shows how to cut costs and increase income is sustainable plan. Why is the council working against the people of Clackmannanshire and determined to close the facility?

Monday, June 06, 2011

Alva Swimming Pool Closure

Alva Save Our Sports Complex delivering petition of over 4800 signatures at Clackmannanshire Council HQ
The decision by the ruling Labour administration to continue with the closure of Alva’s sport and pool facilities is a slap in the face of all residents of the Hillfoots.
The committee to save the facilities have  proven that no money will be saved by closing the facilities.
What they have proven is there is a demand for the pool. A demand if properly managed can make money for the council.
These facilities are being closed as the Labour administration does not want to back down and lose face. As it has been made clear to them how wrong it is, and they have agreed.
The future health of our children, and the greater community, is a risk due to these incompetent Labour councillors.
They should all resign and allow the people of Clackmannanshire decide who they want to run their facilities.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Alva Winter wonderland - Silver and Gold

Two weeks before the holiday season the cold snap arrived. So quick was the snap that the leaves were frozen onto the trees. The autumn colours of red and yellow turned to gold on the trees, so the winter scene of white had a splash of colour.
Alva frozen at -6c winter 2010 2010-12-03 007
Driving along I had to stop and take this photograph. Wish I did this more, but when I Am in the car I Am always having to get some place in time. This time I was on my way home so I could stop, and take this photograph.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Gaza Crisis: Stop the ship - Action needed now for an International Arms Embargo

Gaza Crisis: Stop the ship - Action needed now for an International Arms Embargo http://www.amnesty.org.uk/actions_details.asp?ActionID=558.

I am against all forms of violence, state sponsored as well. Some people have responded with what about the rockets fired by Hamas. The real reason for this war is because next month there is an election in Israel. The true story about this war is not being told.

There was agreement made between Israel and Hamas in the middle of last year. The peace agreement was in return for no rocket attacks Israel would ease the blockade of Gaza. Hamas stopped the rockets, and what did Israel do they increased the blockade. That agreement was in place for 6 months. Israel did not keep to its part of the agreement to easy restrictions on blockade. The beginning of 2008 eight hundred trucks were going into Gaza by the end of the year, before the rocket firing started Israel was allowing only 90 trucks a day into Gaza. On top of that Israel bombed Gaza in November before any rocket attacks. Any deaths are bad but how can Israel justify killing over a 1000 Palestinians. 12 have died in Israel. Only reason Israel is waging this war is because there is a general election next month in Israel. Palestinians are die because the present government wants to get re-elected. Humans are paying with their lives for votes.