Thursday, December 06, 2012

Britain is going bust - Terry Smith Straight Talking

Excellent piece by Terry Smith. The graph proves how Brown and Darling started the rot, and how Cameron's government are simply following the trend set in 2003/4.

Britain is going bust - Terry Smith Straight Talking:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to fix me: Currently this single sign-in feature is disabled for the domain

Google Apps Market place for 3rd party applications has some great applications. Such as Xero and Insightly.

I started getting the following message when going from Google Apps to Insightly, a third party application.

Currently this single sign-in feature is disabled for the domain

The problem is not with the third party application. 

It requires a setting to be adjusted by the domain administrator for the Google Apps domain.

Here is how to fix the issue.

If you have domain admin access rights for Google Apps you need to enable Federated Login by carrying out the following steps:

  1. From Google Apps, click "Manage this domain".
  2. In the blue bar, click on "Advanced tools".
  3. Under "Authentication", click "Federated Login using OpenID"
  4. Make sure the checkbox labelled "Allow users to sign in to third party websites using OpenID" is checked.
  5. Click "Save changes". 

Please note: this does not give third party application any special access, or compromise the security of your account. 

Federated Login is enabled by default for regular Google Apps domains, but for some reason Google turns it off for Premier accounts.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Irvine Welsh - On Scotland and a the Scottish People

Mr Welsh was interviewed in today's Herald for his new book, Skagboys. Interesting interview specially at the end when he talks about feeling Scottish only when he realises  others see him as Scottish. Here is an extract from the interview:

"I think Scotland is on the brink of great and exciting things. It's actually beginning to realise itself now. The nationalist debate seems to have got a lot more mature. All this f"***** Bannockburn, Culloden nonsense has gone out the window." Instead, he says, there's a Scottish aspiration for social democracy that's not shared south of the Border. "The two countries have gone their separate ways, so [independence] seems inevitable. "I always think the Union is nature's way of stopping the Scots ruling the world. We'd be unstoppable if we were independent. We'd still emigrate in droves but we'd do it from a very entrenched position of confidence. All that ambition and arrogance would be unbridled right across the world. It would be a sight to behold."

I am very much about living in the now, and so should Scotland. Can not wait until 2014 and I get the chance to take part in history, and vote YES. Have been waiting for that day since 1979, when I became aware of politics, and the struggle to form a fully independent state for the people living in Scotland.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sharing Google+ videos or images on a website or blog

Often you want to share embed content that has been uploaded to Google+ on your website or blog. How do you share such content. Simple go to Pisca Web Albums,

All photo and video content on Google+ i stored in Pisca Web Albums.


Then navigate to the video or image you want, My Photo tab.

Open the video, make sure your not on album view

Then on the right hands side click on Link to This Photo 

Set size.

Copy the code to embed image.

Paste into site html.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Am back and here to talk to you

Frosty morning the fields around Alva frozen. Cloud cover ment that the temperature went up, and it melted.

The lack of postings has been down to a number of facts and events.
First of all I had a problem with a cross over and confusion of google accounts. Today after I regained control of my Adsense account. Thank you to one of many Googlers for sorting this out all it took was a posting to How to become unassociated with an unapproved application?  Then within a matter of hours picked up my posting and free my adsense account. Then I had to take control of the blog. I thought I had admin rights but it turned out I did not have admin rights just author. I thought I had logged in with all the accounts I knew I had but I luckily found I found this url on Blogger Forgot your username or password? I had problems at first as I no longer have my blogger url as <sub> but a sub of my own domain My hands were carried by magical forces and I clicked on webmaster tools that some how had a unverified like for So I poped it in and it fired of emails to the accounts associated with the blogger blog. Somehow the reset url sent to my hotmail account (let me tell you about hotmail plus in another post, charging my credit card even though the card details were old, well that can be another post) had the email address for the gmail account that I forgot I had. It was for a you tube account that I have but I had to create a special one when Google started unifying there services to an actual Google account, you could no longer use a email address. So the long and the sort of it is I reset the password for that gmail account, then I logged into blogger, switched Adsense Accounts to my own account and here I Am in the game. I feel empowered now to make  it. Good start to 2012. I think I have given you enough facts and events for today, see get back to what ever you were doing before I distracted you.